Terms and Conditions

MITTA confirms vehicle categories and NOT specific models.


I. Requirements and necessary documents for the lease in Chile
1. Identity card / valid passport.
2. Current driver's license.
3. Senior driver of 22 years.
4.Credit card guarantee. A minimum initial quota of $450.000 or more will be requested depending on the total value of the lease and the category of the vehicle being leased (trucks, minivans and SUVs require a minimum guarantee of $700.000). For rentals in Coyhaique and Punta Arenas, a minimum quota of 20 UF + VAT + rental cost will be requested. The guarantee amounts could be higher depending on the duration of the rental and/or if the reservation includes permission to cross into Argentina (See point XII).
5. Only bank credit cards and those issued by the companies CMR Falabella, Cencosud Scotiabank, Banco Ripley and Lider BCI are accepted as means to guarantee rentals. Prepaid credit cards, debit cards and/or checks are not accepted to guarantee vehicle rentals.
6. The releases of the guarantees correspond to the terms established by each banking entity and can range from 24 hours to 30 days in the case of some credit cards belonging to retail entities.

II. Included in the rate

1. Free mileage. Leases for 1 (one) day in Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales include only 300 free kilometers; each additional kilometer has a cost of $ 300 + VAT. For monthly rentals the rate includes a maximum of 4.000 free kilometers (each extra kilometer will be charged $ 100 + VAT).
2. Second driver at no additional cost.
3. CDW coverage (partial collision and theft coverage) and DAT (damage to third parties). See point III.
4. 3 hours of grace (30 Minutes of grace for Part-Time Rentals). Vehicle rentals last for 24 hours from the moment the rental contract begins. However, on the last day of rental, clients are given three additional hours in which to return the vehicle. After that, an additional day’s rental is always charged
5. The Prepayment guarantees the reservation, but does not exempt the rental guarantee. Prepaid reservations (through credit or debit cards) have a 100% refund if they are canceled 48 or more hours in advance but no refunds will be made for unused prepaid rental days (see the additional benefit for prepayment will be 100 MILES LATAM EXTRA PASS by lease (only for natural persons). The mileage bonus does not apply to company or part-time rentals that require billing and that have been prepaid.
6. Weekend promotion. Benefit valid for leases in Chile made by natural persons. Reference value for Class A car.
Applies for weekend rates (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), rents on Friday 09:00 AM and returns Monday 09:00 AM. Promotion valid until December 31, 2023.

III. Coverages, deductibles and exclusions
1. No deductible in case of collision (own and third party damage), except rentals in the XI region (Aysén region) and XII region (Magallanes region).
2. For rentals in Coyhaique / Balmaceda and Punta Arenas / Puerto Natales, CDW collision coverage has a deductible for all events of UF20.- plus VAT or its equivalent in US dollars.
3. Excluded from CDW coverage is any damage derived from traveling off the pavement along Route 7 North / South and the Austral Highway between Puerto Montt and Villa O´Higgins, classes B or C.
4. In the Arica and Parinacota region, as well as in the leases made in Calama, II Region, (branch and airport) both the standard and the additional CDW coverage will not have CDW coverage for categories AB-B1-C-C1-DEFP and I against damages for driving on unpaved roads that occurred on rural routes in the highlands of both regions.
5.consequential damage it is not included in the CDW coverage and is fully charged to the customer.
6. Damage to tires and rims is excluded from CDW coverage unless they come from compensable damage to the rest of the vehicle as a result of a major accident. In case of anticipated wear of tires below 30.000 kilometers for monthly rentals, the cost proportional to the value of the replacements must be paid.
7. CDW coverage does not cover theft of parts or pieces of the vehicle as well as personal items left inside the vehicle.
8. For leases at the Punta Arenas (XII region) and Coyhaique (XI region) branch, no other additional coverage is available to be contracted.
9. A deductible of UF50.- plus VAT applies in the event of theft, theft, misappropriation or total loss of the leased unit. Applies throughout the country and to all vehicle categories. The client has the obligation to report this situation as soon as possible to a Mitta branch, contact the emergency number GPS *2001 which attends 24/07, and then continue with what is indicated in the claims procedure.
10. 4 × 4 vehicles have a deductible of UF20.- plus VAT in case of overturning.
11. The coverage for material damage is capped at UF500.- and UF10.000.- for civil liability.
12. The contracted coverage will have no effect in case of driving under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs; driving without the corresponding license or if it was expired at the time of the accident and if the driver was not incorporated and / or not specified in the respective rental contract.
13. Vans with cold cab have a deductible for all events of UF5.- plus VAT.
14. For categories J2, K2 and C5 in the event of an accident, misuse and / or damage to the vehicle, a deductible applies to all events of UF3.- plus VAT.
As of November 1, 2021, an additional charge will be applied for CDW North Zone of $3.000.- plus VAT per day for 4×2 and 4×4 trucks that will be applied only to rentals at the Calama and Antofagasta branches, including their respective airports. This charge will have a maximum limit of 15 days equivalent to $45.000.- plus VAT.

16.-All vehicles are delivered with an optimal level of internal and external cleanliness. In the event that the rented unit is returned with a level of internal dirt and / or carpet stains that exceed that produced by normal use of the vehicle, the cost of internal cleaning and / or carpet washing must be borne by the customer.

IV. Reservations and means of payments

To make a reservation on this site, you must follow these steps by clicking on the corresponding field:

1. Go to www.mitta.cl/rent-car/ and click on “Reserve your vehicle”.
2. To guarantee your vehicle, all reservations must be prepaid, either 1 day or the entire rental value in case it is more than 1.
3. Fill in the collection city, collection date and return date, collection time and return time fields, and indicate the type of vehicle you want to rent. You can also indicate whether the vehicle will be returned in another city or associate with a flight.
4. Select the type of vehicle according to the options presented. Mitta confirms vehicle categories and not specific models, color and / or brands.
5. The vehicle description and the detail of the price to pay will be displayed on the screen.
6. Fill in your personal data. In this step you must declare that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. Then you will have the option to prepay 1 day or the entire rental value as appropriate.
7. If you select the option "Pay Online" you must select the payment method.
8. Once the reservation is made, the reservation information will be sent to the registered email.
9. The order will then automatically go through an identity confirmation process, in accordance with the provisions of point XVIII of these Terms and Conditions, always safeguarding the security and privacy of the user and the contracting process, availability, validity and capacity of the means of payment that has been selected.
10. In compliance with the above, the charge will be made in the selected payment method, when appropriate, and an email will be sent with the confirmation and details of the reservation.
11. At the time of removing the reserved vehicle, the respective lease must be signed.

The reservation and rental of vehicles can only be paid through:
1. Bank credit card Visa, Mastercard, Dinners Club International or American Express (see I, point 5 regarding the credit cards allowed to guarantee the leases)
2. Bank debit cards covered by the Red Compra system and those issued
Payment with debit cards will be made through WebPay, which is an electronic payment system that is responsible for automatically debiting the user's bank account.

Users declare that they understand that these means of payment or payment portals belong to third-party providers of these services, independent and not linked to MITTA, therefore the continuity of their provision of services over time, as well as the proper functioning of its tools and online payment buttons will be the sole responsibility of the companies that provide these services and in no case of MITTA.

Payment with debit cards will be made through WebPay, which is an electronic payment system that is responsible for automatically debiting the user's bank account.
Users declare that they understand that these means of payment or payment portals belong to third-party providers of these services, independent and not linked to MITTA, therefore the continuity of their provision of services over time, as well as the proper functioning of its tools and online payment buttons will be the sole responsibility of the companies that provide these services and in no case of MITTA.

V. Reservation cancellations and returns
1. In case the service is not required, the reservation must be canceled in advance. The customer can do so by calling the Customer Service phone number 800370111, sending an e-mail to servicioalcliente@mitta.cl and / or by answering "NO" to the reservation reconfirmation SMS. You can also cancel the reservation on the website www.mitta.cl/anular-reserva/.
2. b) If the client does not turn up and two hours have passed from the time indicated in the booking, this will be classed as a ‘no show’ and the vehicle released to another client. MITTA reserves the right to charge the client up to 2% of the amount indicated in the booking, up to a maximum of one day of rental.
3.Regarding the refunds of the prepayments made, these will be 100% for those cancellations made with at least 48 hours considering the day and time the lease begins.
4.For those cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the day and time of the rental, there will be no option of total or partial refund of the prepayment. Client will be able to reschedule his reservation for when and where he deems it convenient.
5.- Customers may return leased vehicles at any time, even before the end date of the reservation, and must cancel only the days actually used. Refunds will not be made for prepaid rental days or unused discount coupons.

SAW. Claims
If the client has an accident, they must file a report with us, completing the form available at
On this page, when the damage is partial or minor, they must make a sworn statement that replaces a police report.

1.- The client must file an immediate police report if the vehicle is stolen (either completely or any part of it) or involved in a accident where people are injured. They must then inform us using the previously described procedure. The client has the obligation to report this situation (robbery, theft or misappropriation) as soon as possible to a Mitta branch, contact the GPS emergency number * 2001 which attends 24/07, and then continue with what is indicated in the claims procedure.

VII. Lost, misplaced or misplaced documents
If the leased vehicle documents are not returned to MITTA at the end of the lease, an additional fee of $ 40.000 + VAT will apply. The same amount ($ 40.000.- plus VAT) applies to the loss or loss of the patent plate.

VIII. Fuel
1. Vehicles are delivered with a tank full of fuel and must be returned in the same condition. Otherwise, MITTA will apply the charge per liter according to the value indicated in the lease plus VAT.
2. If you wish, you can opt for the advance purchase of a fuel tank. The availability and value of that service will vary depending on the vehicle and the MITTA office.
3. For those cases in which a fuel other than that required by the vehicle is loaded (diesel instead of gasoline or vice versa), the additional costs of cleaning the tank, engine or other implied damages will be borne by the customer.

IX. Airport charge
An airport charge applies per day of rental at airports where MITTA has a counter. This charge applies to any contract opened at these locations, irrespective of where the vehicle is returned (applies for a maximum of 15 days).

X. Charge for Televía
Leases in Santiago, La Serena, Viña del Mar, Rancagua, Los Andes and Concepción are subject to an additional mandatory surcharge for the use of roads under concession in Santiago (Televía). The effective use of interurban TAG will also be charged for all those concessions that have implemented this electronic collection system. To mention a few: Pacific Route, Los Libertadores Highway, Maipo Route and Costa Arauco Route, among others.

XI. Drop Off Cargo
An additional charge will be applied for the concept of Drop Off, in those rentals in which the client returns the vehicle in a city other than the one where the vehicle is picked up or the one indicated in the reservation. The value of this service is associated with the existing mileage between both branches (collection and return).

XII. Argentina exit permit
1. Our permit to drive into Argentina allows clients to take a MITTA vehicle into Argentina, with protection provided in case of accidents through the documentation MITTA provides (notarized permission, obligatory cover and customs form for multiple crossings).
2. We are unable to issue this permit to people of Argentine nationality, unless they can prove permanent residency in Chile for more than a year through a certificate issued by the respective consulate.
3. Once the permit’s issued, it’s non-refundable.
4. This permit should be requested at least three working days (72 hours) in advance. The information required should be sent to our National Reservations Department before this deadline, using the form provided.
5. Each permit includes a period of 1 to 15 days, 16 to 30 days and 30 and 45 days. The values ​​are different in each case. The permanence of the vehicle in Argentina must not exceed the term contracted in the corresponding permit.
6. This permission can only be requested for reservations of 1 or more days duration and only for the following categories: C, D, E, E, G, Y, YI, J, J1, K and K1.
7. An additional guarantee will be requested, independent of the rental guarantee, for USD 2.000. This guarantee will become effective (it will be charged in full) in the event that borders are closed or for any other reason (whether force majeure or not) where the vehicle remains in Argentine territory beyond the return date indicated by the client at the time of signing his lease.
8. The rental in Argentina does not include the roadside assistance service, for which this must be managed and paid for by the client if required.

XIII. Chauffeur Service
1. Our chauffeur service includes 9 hours of service per day (including an hour for lunch); after that, there is a charge for each extra hour of service, up to a maximum of 12 hours per day in total. Any service the following day must begin at least 8 hours later and is subject to current labor laws. If these are modified, whatever the specific labor law or other applicable regulations establish will apply.
2. This service incurs other costs, such as fuel, tolls and food and drink for the chauffeur, etc., which the client must pay according to the expenses presented by the chauffeur at the end of the rental.
3. Charging for this service is for a minimum of 1 day (9 hours of service).
4. This chauffeur service is provided by external companies, not MITTA employees directly.

XIV. Additional Equipment
1. MITTA can’t be held responsible for any service or additional equipment required but not confirmed in the booking.
2. Additional services or equipment are subject to availability and have an associated additional charge.
3.- Additional equipment requested by the client (mining equipment, pole, beacon, wedges, child seats, GPS, chains, hoist, among other implements) are not covered by CDW coverage and in case of damage and loss, the charge will be made. additional corresponding to the client for the replacement and / or repair as appropriate.

XV. Route Assistance Service (cranes)
The roadside assistance service (tow trucks) is at the customer's expense (battery charging, collision, overturning, door opening, tire change, etc.) and only in the event of a mechanical failure attributable to the vehicle and/or its maintenance. , the service is free for the client. The rental in Argentina does not include the roadside assistance service, for which this must be managed and paid for by the client if required.

XVI. Companies with Agreement (including Tourist Companies)
1. If the rental is no longer required, the booking must be cancelled in advance. If not, the cost of delivering any vehicle to a specific address incurs a charge of $10.000 + VAT.
2. For monthly rentals, electronic tolls (televía) are charged according to the actual number of times each portal is used.
4. Monthly rental quotes are valid for 10 business days.
5. For purposes of calculating the monthly rate, a minimum of X unit (s) for the quoted term (X days) is considered. In case your lease is less than 30 days, The daily agreement rate will be applied multiplied by the effective days of the lease contract. If the return occurs from the 24th onwards, the full monthly rate of this quote may be respected.
6. Daily rates for companies with special agreements are subject to change when the reservation is made less than 96 hours in advance (this does not apply to tour operators and travel agencies).
7. Complete preventive maintenance at the expense of Mitta Rent a Car. All vehicles must be serviced in our workshops distributed throughout the country.
8. It is the sole responsibility of the client to coordinate and schedule preventive maintenance with our workshops well in advance before the next maintenance period is fulfilled, be it 5.000 or 10.000 kilometers as the case may be.
9. Failure to comply with the due preventive maintenance according to mileage can cause damage to the systems, parts and / or pieces of the vehicle which are outside the CDW coverage and therefore must be assumed by the customer.

XVII. Text messages (SMS)
Clients who make a booking agree to receive informative text (SMS) messages as part of the normal booking and rental vehicle process. Any client can choose not to receive these informative (SMS) messages by sending an email to servicioalcliente@mitta.cl indicating that they no longer wish to receive these messages and their mobile number.

XVIII. Identity Verification
When renting a vehicle, MITTA will use any of the means at its disposal to check the identity of the renter, in compliance with its Privacy and Confidentiality of Information Policy and according to current legislation (Law N° 19.496 on the Protection of Consumer Rights; Law N° 19.628 on the Protection of Privacy and Law N° 20.575, which establishes the Finality Principle in the Treatment of Personal Data).

IXX. Customer service 
In case of queries or complaints regarding the use of this site, terms or conditions of contracting or reservations made, you can contact us at the Customer Service telephone number 800370111, send us an email at servicioalcliente@mitta.cl or enter https://www.mitta.cl/contactanos/

XX. Guarantee 
In the event that the vehicle does not meet the characteristics reported in the reservation, considering that MITTA only confirms category of vehicles and not specific models, color and / or brands, or if it has faults, it may be exchanged for another vehicle of the same category.

XXI. Legal representative
The legal representative of Mitta Rent a Car and Leasing Operativo SPA is Mr. Ignacio Correa Fernández.
The terms indicated here are general in nature, with the rental company reserving the right to establish specific and/or special conditions in the rental contract.
These Terms and Conditions will be applied and will be understood as incorporated in each of the contracts that you enter into with Mitta through this website.
The use of this website, the application of these Terms and Conditions, the acts that it executes and the contracts that it concludes through this website, are subject and subject to the laws of the Republic of Chile and especially to the law 19.496 for the protection of consumer rights.

XXII. Considerations for the purchase and use of discount coupons (Cyber ​​day, Cyber ​​Monday and the Mitta Latam Pass Coupon Campaign).

1. The coupon does not constitute a reservation. You must make your reservation at www.mitta.cl or by calling our call center 223608666 XNUMX XNUMX.
2. They are only valid for leases of natural persons and leases in CHILE. It does not apply for rentals of companies, tourist agencies or part time services.
3.The discount coupon (s) acquired at the event Cyber ​​day from May 29 to 31, 2023, can be applied to any lease in the national territory between the date of purchase and the 31/05/2024. The stock of coupons is 500 units for discounts of 35, 40 and 45%. Stock coupons for 50% discounts is 200 units.
4. The discount coupon (s) acquired at the event Cyber ​​day from May 29 to June 01, 2022, can be applied to any lease in the national territory between the date of purchase and the 31 / 05 / 2023.
5.The discount coupon (s) acquired at the events Cyber, Cyber ​​Monday and Latam before the date indicated in the previous point (3), they can be applied to any lease in the national territory between the date of purchase and the 31 / 12 / 2022.
6. The discount coupon (s) acquired in the Cybermonday event from October 04 to 06, 2021, can be applied to any rental in the national territory between the date of purchase and 31/10/2022. 
7. To activate the coupon You must enter your Rut and code at the time of making the Web reservation or give both data to the operator in case of making it by phone.
8. There is a deadline maximum of 10 business days to cancel the purchase. To do this, the client must contact the Customer Service area by email servicioalcliente@mitta.cl or calling the phone 800370111. The refund of the money via Transbank will be made within a maximum period of 48 hours once the client's request is received and the electronic proof of cancellation of the purchase will be sent to you as evidence of the return. The term in which the client will receive the money back in his account will depend on his issuing bank.
9. Once the period of 10 days indicated in the previous point has elapsed, there will be no refund of the purchase money, both partial and total.
10.- Only one coupon can be applied per rental and in case the client could not complete it as agreed in the previous reservation, the unused difference will not be returned.
11.- Regarding the lease itself, all the requirements, conditions and restrictions expressed in this document and in the annex to the contract that the client receives at the beginning of the lease apply, all of which the client agrees to comply with by signing the respective rental contract. rent.





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