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Ctra Longitudinal Sur 2715, Father Las Casas, Araucanía Region

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Rent a Car - Rent a car in Temuco

Rent a Car in Temuco: Go sightseeing in a 4x4

The province of Temuco is a commune and city in the south of our beautiful Chile, capital of the Araucanía Region. As part of the history of the city of Temuco, we can highlight that it was founded as a fort in 1881 by Manuel Recabarren, this because its location was quite strategic within the central valley of the region; also, of course, for the beauty of its rivers and hills that enchanted anyone.

The weather in Temuco is extremely exquisite and appropriate for visiting every corner of its streets. And above all, to take advantage of tourism and its surroundings. Here, you can do adventure tourism, such as Hiking, swimming and paragliding. Temuco is the region of tourism, as it also offers warm outdoor hot springs. Our Rent a Car MITTA is ready to accompany you to visit each city near Temuco at an unmissable value.

MITTA Rent a Car Temuco
You can enjoy the best cars whenever you want, you just have to book the rental on our website quickly and easily. We have an ideal car for all the terrains that are presented in the trip. Our Rent a Car in Temuco has for you a spectacular 4x4 so that you can travel comfortably, quickly and safely.

As for the benefits, you can also opt for them, as we have everything you need to start your trip now! Our weekend promotion is very good, as it offers unmissable discounts.

We are the only Rent a Car in Temuco that accumulates LATAM Pass Miles. In addition, paying with a Santander debit or credit card, you will get a 30% discount on your rental. And those who are Mundo Copec Members also have a 30% discount on rent. Now you can prepay your reservations with WebPay.

Enjoy our alliances and special offers on your leisure trips. Drive calmly, because we put at your disposal a wide selection of coverage and optional services that will make your rental safer and more pleasant.

The best places to visit in Temuco

Temuco, tourism and surroundings

The city of Temuco has several tourist places that you can visit thanks to our Rent a Car service in Temuco on top of a 4x4. The experience will surely be unforgettable, you just have to let yourself be carried away by the beautiful heights and surroundings that you will see there. Temuco and Pucón are surrounded by native forests, lakes and volcanoes, so there are endless wonderful places that you can visit in a good MITTA car.

In Temuco you can enjoy all the amenities of the city, with shops, malls and malls, but also has beautiful places of vegetation such as Cerro Ñielol Natural Monument, which you can go trekking on its long trails where you can find attractive flora and fauna. All these places are reachable by car that you can rent at MITTA.

Where to eat in Temuco

Place to eat in Temuco

Temuco is a fairly large city, with a variety to eat, shop and rest. In Temuco you can find a large number of restaurants and snacks of all kinds. Within the best restaurants in the city you can find Peruvian food. The Inca Empire is the favorite place of many to enjoy Peruvian gastronomy. It is a large place with parking that you can get to by car.

Remember to book in advance, enjoy your rental car from MITTA in Temuco!

Accommodation in Temuco

Places to stay in Temuco

In Temuco you will find accommodation for all budgets, from the simplest to the most luxurious as the Hotel Temuco, with spacious and comfortable luxurious rooms with access to a large main pool, among other benefits.
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