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Rent a Car - Car rental in Talca


21 East 790 Street, Talca, Maule Region.


  • Monday to Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m.
  • Friday 08:00 a.m. to 16:45 p.m.

Rent a Car - Car rental in Talca

Our car rental does let you know Talca! If it is one of your favorite destinations, we already know why, Talca is the heart of the Huasa zone and is the engine of the Chilean agricultural area par excellence. In our Rent a Car you will have the possibility of choosing the car that best suits you to go to each place in Talca, because it has a lot of history to show. In addition, everything is in the proximity of the city, it is close to the countryside, the mountain range and the sea. Above our MITTA rental cars you can see that they have privileged natural environments, rural culture and very illustrious mountains. Do not wait any longer! Choose one of the rental cars we have for you and visit the Plaza de Armas and the Balneario Río Claro.

Book your rental in advance and choose the best car for you on our web site.

The best places to visit in Talca

The best places to visit in Talca in one of our rental cars are shopping centers, casinos, the Botanical Garden, the Cerro La Virgen Hill and the Maule Regional Theater. If you prefer nightlife, visit Casa Alameda, Bahía Juárez, Joker’s Discotheque and Loba. One of Talca’s advantages is the easy access it offers to beaches and mountains. Whatever rental car you choose, you’ll be able to get to them quickly. You can enjoy vineyards in the Maule Valley, the Talca to Constitución Railway, Chile’s central region beaches, parks and national parks.

Use our rental cars to visit beautiful valleys, vineyards and traditional hamlets that still retain airs of times gone by!

Where to eat in Talca

In Talca there is a very diverse culinary culture, the idea of ​​the meals is the mixture between the countryside and the city, which can be seen in their dishes: rolled huaso, cheese head, cooked legs, seafood and fried fish like conger , suck and crab cake, among others Did your mouth water? If you want to taste the delicacies of these beautiful cities, rent one of our MITTA cars.

Accommodation in Talca

To stay in this city you only need to consider the rent of our cars, because with them you can go through the different hotels and hostels until you find the best option in terms of price / quality.

Don’t forget to book in advance to enjoy Talca and Rancagua in your MITTA rental car!
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