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Rent-a-Car – Car Rental in Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Chiloé
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Rent-a-Car – Car Rental in Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Chiloé

Rent-a-Car – Car Rental in Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Chiloé

The south of Chile is simply wonderful, and it is advisable to know it in its entirety. It is for this reason that MITTA accompanies you in every destination you have planned. On this occasion, we would like to present our complete car rental service in Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Chiloé. The truth is that the magic of the south becomes even more evident the longer the journey through its interiors, then our proposal perfectly fits that knowledge.

When renting a car in Puerto Montt you can also visit its surroundings, such as Puerto Varas and Chiloé. We invite you to feel the refreshing and pure sea breeze while you sit in front of the immensity of the sea in Puerto Montt; to venture into the beautiful and impressive nature of Puerto Varas, which offers outstanding Chilean German landscapes; and finish touring Chiloé, the land known for harboring myths, legends, gastronomy and overwhelming traditions.

Rent a Car MITTA in Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Chiloé

You can enjoy the best rental cars in Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Chiloé whenever you want, you just have to book on our website quickly and easily. The most important thing is that we have an ideal car for all terrains that arise during the trip.

For adventure tourism in the south of Chile, our cheap car rental in Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Chiloé, has spectacular 4x4s so that you can travel comfortably, quickly and safely to any place, even if it is the most hidden of all. Live with us the most varied adventures and experiences now!

What are the benefits of leasing cars at MITTA?
The benefits that MITTA offers when leasing one of its cars are diverse and have to do with great discounts in money, and with a complete service so that you travel safely.

MITTA gives you the option to associate your flight, so you will even have a car at your disposal from the airport.
We have a great weekend promotion, as it offers unmissable discounts.
We are the only Rent a Car in Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Chiloé that accumulates LATAM Pass Miles.
Paying with a Santander debit or credit card, you will get a 30% discount on your rent.
Those who are Mundo Copec Members also have a 30% discount on rent.
Now you can prepay your reservations with WebPay.

Enjoy our alliances and special offers on your leisure trips. Drive calmly, because we put at your disposal a wide selection of coverage and optional services that will make your rental safer and more pleasant.

The best places to visit in Puerto Montt

What are the places to visit in Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Chiloé
Tourist Places from Puerto Montt

Ancud Is it part of the Tourist Places?
Ancud is one of the tourist attractions in Puerto Montt, since the distance between the two is only 96 kilometers, that is, approximately 2 hours. Ancud is a city on the island of Chiloé, and has many places to visit such as Fort Ahui, the Corona Lighthouse in Chiloé and Lechagua Beach.

Alerce Andino National Park How to get there?
By renting a car in Puerto Montt you can get to the Alerce Andino National Park by taking Route 7 in the direction of Chamiza. It is a beautiful place that seems a refuge and has almost 40 thousand hectares with a lot of nature. Get to know this huge mountain massif and its endless and beautiful valleys.

Tourist Places from Puerto Varas
Puerto Octay What is your location?
Puerto Octay is located in the province of Osorno in the Los Lagos Region. It is a commune in southern Chile that is necessary to know for having imposing volcanoes, heritage architecture and German heritage.

Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park What activities can be done?
The activities that can be carried out in the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park are: fishing, to be carried out in Ensenada, Petrohué and Peulla; skiing, to be done in the Picada sector; and swimming, to be carried out in Ensenada and Petrohué. This place became the first park in Chilean territory.

Tourist Places from Chiloé
What to do in Castro Chiloé?
In the city of Castro in Chiloé you can do various things, and visit beautiful places. Examples of this are: knowing the palafitos, houses that are built in height; take a walk around the Municipal Market with craft stalls; and stroll through its colorful streets.

What is the distance between Chiloé and Chonchi?
The distance between Chiloé and Chonchi is approximately 26 minutes, thanks to the car rental service. It is a small fishing village with beautiful landscapes and outstanding places to visit such as the Living Museum of Chonchinas Traditions.

Where to eat in Puerto Montt

In the south of Chile, the most delicious and high-quality food is undoubtedly found in its markets. In Puerto Montt, Angelmó Market offers several local dishes made from fresh fish and seafood. The same occurs in Chiloé, where you can try homemade curanto (a mixed stew), meat dishes and seafood with unbeatable flavors at rustic Castro Market.

A classic in Puerto Varas is Casa Valdés, a beautifully-decorated restaurant where you can enjoy the most delicious king crab and seafood in a truly unforgettable setting.

Accommodation in Puerto Montt

In Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Chiloé, the accommodation offer is wide since, nationally and internationally, they are places recognized for their incredible beauty. You can access a rental or accommodation with prices for all budgets and with excellent quality. An important factor to take into account when looking for accommodation is that it has parking for your rental car.

Don’t forget to book both your place to stay and rental car in advance for an unforgettable trip.

Enjoy the south of Chile!
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