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Francisco de Aguirre 0220, La Serena, Coquimbo Region

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  • Monday to Thursday 08:30 a.m. to 18:15 p.m.
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Rent-a-Car – Car Rental in La Serena

Enjoy Tourism in La Serena, Chile, with our Rent a Car.
Our Rent a Car - MITTA in La Serena, again accompanies you in one of your destinations. This city is one of the most important tourist places in Chile, as it is not only characterized by having a historic center with outstanding neocolonial architecture, which you can visit with our rental cars in La Serena; it is also the main choice to vacation in the summer for its beautiful and warm beaches.

You no longer need to be concerned about transportation and tourism in La Serena, nor about the values ​​that this entails, because with our vehicle rental in La Serena and Coquimbo, in addition to its surroundings, you can dedicate yourself to enjoy and nothing more.
Still not convinced? Then we add a total and complete range of rental cars that you can choose to travel the place comfortably and safely. In our cars you will feel the satisfaction that you want so much in your trips Hurry and choose La Serena in one of our MITTA rental cars!

Rent a Car - MITTA La Serena.
We have a perfect cheap car rental for you to move around in La Serena. In this way, you will take advantage of visiting all the places of tourism in La Serena. But, before planning this, you need transportation according to the terrain of that city, so we have city cars or trucks available, depending on what you need or are looking for.

The good news is also that we have several options for you to choose the one that you like and accommodate the most. This is because we have vehicles even for 7 passengers, vehicles with accessories to transport children, vehicles for companies, among others.
As for the benefits, you can also opt for them, as we have everything you need to start your trip now! Our weekend promotion is very good, as it offers unmissable discounts.
In addition to the above, we are the only Rent a Car in La Serena that accumulates LATAM Pass Miles. In addition, paying with a Santander debit or credit card, you will get a 30% discount on your rental. And those who are Mundo Copec Members also have a 30% discount on rent. Now you can prepay your reservations with WebPay.
Enjoy our alliances and special offers on your leisure trips. Drive calmly, because we put at your disposal a wide selection of coverage and optional services that will make your rental safer and more pleasant.

The best places to visit in La Serena

La Serena is a complete city, as it has all tastes in terms of landscapes and places to visit, and with the rental car you choose you will make the most of your time. The climate is quite pleasant, so you will not have excuses not to go out, especially because in our Rent a Car we have full air conditioning so that your trips are as you dreamed them.
Elqui Valley.

Its vineyards stand out, its exquisite and complete wine production, and starry skies. Take advantage of arriving in our rental cars to astrotourism in its main astronomical observatories.

The Higera, The Serena.
Perfect for those who like to practice sports, both water and land, and also ecotourism. Visit Caleta Hornos thanks to our MITTA rental cars. Drive to the north of the region on Route 5. It is located 36 kilometers from the city of La Serena.

Totoralillo Beach, Coquimbo.
It is a spa, located between Las Tacas and La Herradura, with exquisite beaches and warm sand. Ideal panorama for all lovers of the sea. Get a quote for your MITTA rental car!

Where to eat in La Serena

In La Serena you can find moderately priced places: Pica Mar Adentro, Lemongrass, Huentelauquen Resto Bar and Terrazza; and very cheap: Hug Cocina y Color, Caleta San Pedro, Daniela Restaurant, Oriente Soda Fountain and Donde El Guatón.

Of all of them, those that offer you local food are: Pica Mar Adentro, Donde El Guatón, Porotas Restaurante, Bakulic. But relax, if you like coffee and tea, there are also places for you: Lighthouse Coffe, Capital City, Terracota Café, Poisson Cafeteria.

In our MITTA rental cars, you can explore La Serena for the type of food you like, be it sushi, pizza, Italian, seafood, steakhouse, Peruvian and Mexican.

Accommodation in La Serena

In La Serena, you can find hotels, hostels and cabins such as Hostal El Árbol, Hostel Cosmo, MarSerena Hotel y Cabañas, Hacienda Los Andes, Cabañas Don Gustavo and Hotel Las Campanas. It all depends on what you’re willing to pay. Since at MITTA we always have the best solution for you, you can choose the best option with our rental cars.

Remember to book ahead to enjoy your MITTA rental car in La Serena!
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