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Arturo Prat Avenue, J Block, 8 Site, 10 Kilometer, Bajo Molle


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Rent-a-Car – Car Rental in Iquique

Rent a Car in Iquique, Chile.
Today, Iquique is not only the largest and most fundamental city in northern Chile; But it is also one of the most beautiful in the country, so it is essential to know it and visit it from the service we have for you car rental. Surely they have told you about this resting place, as it offers many highly entertaining panoramas.

Iquique is a Free Zone, so there is a huge and complete shopping center (ZOFRI) with more than 600 stores. To get there, we offer you a car rental service that includes roadside assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can enjoy yourself without having problems.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who prefer to be outdoors, Iquique is a seaside resort with beautiful beaches: Cavancha, the most popular for its warm waters and palm trees, and Playa Brava, one of the most visited. To know all of them, we recommend the rental of one of our cars, because we give you confidence throughout your trip, and we guarantee safety and comfort.

Rent a Car in Iquique: rental of the best vehicles.
Our Rent a Car in Iquique, allows you to explore the center and its surroundings. The truth is that there are different types of land, but our Rent a Car in Iquique, in addition to being quite economical, has the ideal car for all the places you want to go.

You can enjoy the best cars whenever you want, just book the rental on our website quickly and easily. Thus, you can travel the streets of Iquique in a Swift, for example, an inexpensive and comfortable car; or enjoy more distant places in a Santa Fe 4 × 4. You choose the car that you like the most, you can quote your rental and take advantage of our promotions.
As for the benefits, you can also opt for them, as we have everything you need to start your trip now! Our weekend promotion is very good, as it offers unmissable discounts.

In addition to the above, we are the only Rent a Car in Antofagasta that accumulates LATAM Pass Miles. In addition, paying with a Santander debit or credit card, you will get a 30% discount on your rent. And those who are Mundo Copec Members also have a 30% discount on rent. Now you can prepay your reservations with WebPay.
Enjoy our alliances and special offers on your leisure trips. Drive calmly, because we put at your disposal a wide selection of coverage and optional services that will make your rental safer and more pleasant.

The best places to visit in Iquique

Arturo Pratt Square, Iquique.
It is an excellent starting point, it is located in the center of the city and has the Clock Tower, an icon of Iquique; the municipal theater; and Baquedano street that has a splendid architecture. Also, a little further down that same street is the Anker Nielsen Regional Museum, which shows the history of the region's saltpeter.

Historic District of Iquique.
It is found going down the coastline, specifically, in the port, where there is a covered dock. From there, you can get to the exact spot where the Esmeralda sank during the War of the Pacific (1879-1890). Also, very close, is the Naval Museum; the former Customs building; the cathedral church; and the port market where you can taste fish and seafood.

Cerro Dragon Iquique.
It is a very long sand dune, where you can see this beautiful city. If you go with friends, Iquique has a lot of nightlife, there is the casino, different restaurants and dance pubs. This majestic city has it all. Do not miss out on a single place, visit them all with one of the cars that we have waiting for you to rent.

Where to eat in Iquique

Cuisine from the Tarapacá region is based on a mixture of the ingredients and flavors that both people coming from the high Andean plateaus and immigrants from Europe and North America brought with them. In other words, it’s multicultural. Some of the most well-known dishes are watia (made mainly from potatoes), calapurca (a meat stew), picante de conejo (spicy rabbit) and sweet chumbeque. Even Iquique’s cuisine is glorious!

The most popular restaurants are La Mulata, Neptuno, Hotel Gavina and Zona Franca. Don’t miss out on going to any of these places in Iquique by choosing a MITTA car rental.

Accommodation in Iquique

In Iquique you can find hotels, hostels or residences at a really convenient price. Choose the place and the rental car that best suits what you want for your trip. Always with the security of having the Rent a Car with the best service available for you.

Don’t forget to book in advance to enjoy Iquique in a MITTA rental car.
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