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Rent a Car - Rent a car in Concepción


Arturo Prat 248, Concepción, Bío Bío Region


  • Monday to Friday 08: 00 to 18: 30 hrs.
  • Saturday from 09:00 p.m. to 13:30 p.m.

Rent a Car - Rent a car in Concepción

Discover an exceptional car rental service in Concepción. In MITTA we have a wide range of cars with varied capacities so you can travel Chile in the comfort of a new car.

The best places to visit in Concepción

Concepción is one of the biggest cities in the south of Chile, with an airport and malls that are open on weekends (apart from some shops on Sundays). Close by, there are natural wonders such as beaches and mountains.

Concepción’s beaches are found next to the natural beauty of forests in incredible places like Rocoto, Hualpén or wonderful Cobquecura. At the other extreme, you’ll find the beauty of natural mountain reservoirs, such as Alto Bio-Bío, where you can go trekking, rafting or fishing for sport.

Where to eat in Concepción

Concepción’s fuente (diner) is unrivalled in the region because of its history and innovative and delicious dishes made with the freshest seafood. It has very affordable prices and accepts debit and credit cards.

Accommodation in Concepción

Concepción has a wide range of good accommodation available at different prices, going from $30.000 for a room in a hostel or cabin. You can also opt for a small cabin on the outskirts of town to enjoy nature in all its glory or a hotel room in Concepcion’s city center. Prices are similar in Los Ángeles, going from $XNUMX for a room in a hostel or hotel. This beautiful town also has extensive forests and countryside where you can stay in a cabin or go camping.

In the region, the prices vary according to its proximity to the city center, the beach or the mountain range. It is recommended to book in advance to verify the availability of rooms and parking, a relevant fact to take into account, when making a car rental in Concepción for more than a day.

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