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Rent-a-Car – Car Rental in Arica

Rent a Car to Enjoy Tourism in Arica, Chile.
Arica is a port city located in the north of Chile, belonging to the Arica and Parinacota region, as can be seen on the map. Arica is known as the "City of Eternal Spring", due to its pleasant climate and its proximity to the border with Peru.

Tourism in Arica today is truly multifaceted, since it not only offers beautiful and warm beaches; but also a rather peculiar and entertaining story. Yes, cultural tourism in Arica has a lot to tell; mainly, thanks to its folkloric and ethnic diversity. So, the places of tourism in Arica are unmissable and, so that you are more comfortable and safe, we have an excellent Rent a Car in Arica at very good prices.

Now, in a rental car from MITTA, you can take advantage of all the sights in Arica. Always with the variety, comfort and security that we can offer you together with a complete assistance service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On top of one of the rental vehicles in Arica, you can visit its most typical places such as the Historic Center of Arica, Morro de Arica, Peninsula del Alacrán, among others. But also, you can visit more secluded places in the city such as San Miguel de Azapa, Valle de Lluta and Putre.
We invite you to know each rental car for tourism in Arica and its surroundings. You will have a mobilization in which you will walk comfortable, safe and fast. You will arrive on time to the spas and recreation centers, you will also have the possibility to explore archaeological and historical areas of Arica.

Because at MITTA we think of all your needs, we have different types of cars for each tourist destination, you just have to book the rental on our website, and that's it. So fast and simple. If you will only be walking around the city, then you can choose a city car. If, on the other hand, you want to go over rockier terrain, then a 4x2 truck with air conditioning is fine.
As for the benefits, you can also opt for them, as we have everything you need to start your trip now! Our weekend promotion is very good, as it offers unmissable discounts.

In addition to the above, we are the only Rent a Car in Arica that accumulates LATAM Pass Miles. In addition, paying with a Santander debit or credit card, you will get a 30% discount on your rental. And those who are Mundo Copec Members also have a 30% discount on rent. Now you can prepay your reservations with WebPay.
Enjoy our alliances and special offers on your leisure trips. Drive calmly, because we put at your disposal a wide selection of coverage and optional services that will make your rental safer and more pleasant.

The best places to visit in Arica

Morro de Arica.
Declared a National Monument in October 1971, Morro de Arica is the protagonist of one of the most relevant stories of the War of the Pacific. Inside you can visit a museum that contains vestiges of the Battle of Arica. One of the main attractions of the region is its plateau and Lake Chungará, the highest in the world, the Anthropological Museum with the vestige of the oldest mummies of humanity.

Putre Arica.
There are places that undoubtedly keep history within their walls; cities where plants breathe magic and release secrets; sites that need to count to drop; surroundings that trap inveterate travelers who thirst for ancient tales. This is Putre: a colonial town that impresses with its majestic landscapes of snow-capped mountains and hills full of green.

If you are an adventurer, trekking will surely excite you, as Putre has perfect areas for sports. Now, with the rental cars, he goes through remote areas. Putre, for example, is 149 kilometers from Arica.

San Miguel de Azapa, Arica.
Located 12 kilometers from Arica, San Miguel de Azapa is one of the most spectacular tourist places. Here is the famous Archaeological and Anthropological Museum, with important collections of petroglyphs and 15 mummies from the Chinchorro culture, the oldest in the world.

181 kilometers from Arica, is this imposing city that is hidden among the spectacular landscapes of the Lauca National Park and its wetlands, with a population of no more than 150 inhabitants.

Salar de Surire, Arica.
Lauca National Park is located 266 kilometers from Arica and 4.200 meters high. It is considered a natural wonder of unique beauty, where they share incredible landscapes of green wetlands, blue lagoons and the intense white of the salt flats.

Lauca Biosphere Reserve in Chile.
Here you will find the Lauca National Park, the Las Vicuñas National Reserve and the Salar de Surire Natural Monument. It is 165 kilometers from Arica, so, with rental cars, you can get there without any problem. The important thing is that you know its incalculable scenic beauty.

Where to eat in Arica

The gastronomy of Arica consists mainly of the incredible mix of typical Peruvian and Chilean food. This exquisite fusion is due to the location of the city and its cultural diversity. Now, in Arica you can find restaurants of all kinds; But, Peruvian dishes are the ones that stand out the most for their flavor and freshness.

By way of information, for your next or first visit, the most visited restaurants are Rayú, Maracuyá, Los Aleros de 21, and Casinos Lukia and Municipal, among others. Places that have parking, so you can leave your rental car close to where you are.

Accommodation in Arica

Accommodation is really for all budgets, in Arica you can find hotels, hostels or residences at a really convenient price. You choose the place that best suits your travel needs, so that you can enjoy your stay and comfortably explore the beginning of the country. Always with the security of having the Rent a Car with the best service available for you.

Don’t forget to book in advance and enjoy Arica in your MITTA rental car!
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