Accident Procedure

In the event that you have suffered an accident with partial or minor damage, you must make a sworn statement that replaces the police certificate, within a period not exceeding 12 hours. Enter in this link


This statement does not exempt clients from filing an immediate police report if the vehicle is stolen (either completely or parts of it) or involved in an accident where people are injured.

Please bear in mind that you will need the following information to complete the accident form at

  • Details of the vehicle involved in the accident.
  • The driver’s driving licence.
  • Police report or fine if the vehicle was stolen or third-party or serious damage occurred (if the vehicle is a write-off) and whether the driver has been cited to appear in court.
  • Information about the third-parties involved, particularly the car license plate number and driver’s name, address and telephone number.
  • Damage to the rented and third-party vehicles.
  • A description that’s as specific as possible about the place, time and circumstances of the accident.
  • The following documents that must be uploaded with this statement: the original copy of the police report or fine and a copy of the driver’s driving license or the document that replaces it.
  • The documents that must be accompanied to this declaration are: original of the part or police constancy, photocopy of driver's license or in its defect document that replaces it.

Information needed to file a police report:
Insurance company: Compañía Reale Seguros
Policy Number 300335753

If you have any questions related to filing accident reports, please contact:

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