Sustainable Supply Chain Policy

September 2022

At MITTA we will strive to understand the problems associated with supply chains

of the commercial activities of our company in Chile, in accordance with this Policy, and we will work
with our suppliers and other business partners to make the supply chain seamless

Expectations in relation to business partners

We will ask our suppliers and other business associates to understand and apply the
following principles, and we will work in collaboration with them to promote the objectives of this
Policy throughout the supply chain:

Respect for international standards

Ensure compliance with the laws and regulations that are applicable in each country, some
fair transactions in accordance with international rules and practices, and prevent
crime and corruption.

Respect for human rights

Our business activities must not violate human rights. Nor should they contribute to
others through our business relationships, including supply chains

  • Forced labor
    Not tolerate forced labor or any other form of modern day slavery, such as
    bondage or human trafficking.
  • Child labor
    Do not tolerate child labor and meet the minimum working age stipulated by law. not hire
    to minors under 18 years of age for positions involving the performance of hazardous work.
  • Discrimination
    Prohibit any form of employment discrimination.
  • Harassment and inhuman treatment
    Do not tolerate any form of harassment, physical or mental.

Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining

Respect the right of employees to free association and collective bargaining in the
relations between the company and the workers.

  • Hours of work and wages
    Correctly manage working hours, vacations, leaves of absence and
    employee wages in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Security and health at work
    Ensure the safety and health of employees in the work environment.
  • Impact on the community
    Carry out human rights impact assessments, which should cover aspects such as
    such as prevention of pollution, water scarcity and adverse effects on safety and
    the health of local communities. Take the necessary measures in accordance with the regulations
    to avoid risks and mitigate negative impacts.

Initiatives to address environmental problems

Work with our suppliers and other business partners with the goal of achieving harmony
with the environment in our business activities.

  • Climate Change
    Act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Water resources
    Work to preserve water resources by reducing water consumption and improving
    efficiency in the use of water resources.
  • Biodiversity
    Assess the environmental impact of our business activities and work to preserve the
  • Contamination prevention
    Take measures to reduce hazardous and polluting waste and ensure proper handling
    proper use of such materials, as well as strive to prevent contamination of air, water
    and the floor.
  • Sustainable use of resources
    Improve efficiency in the use of resources and energy and reduce waste.

Safety of products and services

Guarantee the safety of products and services.

Guidance to correct problems

If a business partner's conduct violates this Policy, and has a negative impact on
environment or human rights, we will provide guidance to the business partner to
correct that behavior. If it is determined that the situation has not improved despite the guidance
continues, we will take action, including a possible reconsideration of the business relationship.

Information divulgation

We will disclose information related to the above principles in an appropriate and timely manner.

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