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MITTA - a Mitsui & Co. Group and of Autorentas del Pacífico SpA company - Its business model is the service of vehicle mobilization and operational leasing, through the Rent a Car, Operative Leasing and Renting modality. It was born as a result of the association of Autorentas del Pacífico, a Chilean company with more than 60 years leading the car rental industry, which was also a licensee of Hertz until 2019, and Mitsui & Co., a Japanese transnational services and investment company. present in 66 countries. Its board of directors is made up of: Ichiro Nambu (president), Kazutaka Shiba (director), Gonzalo Sanhueza (director), Kotaro Watanabe (director), Yasuhiko Ijiri (director)

As part of its history, Autorentas del Pacífico, before becoming MITTA, managed the Hertz brand for five decades, an experience that, together with its determination to constantly innovate in processes, today makes it an industry leader. The company is passionate about service and it is part of its DNA to design quick and efficient solutions. Its main strength is its more than 1100 employees, who have adapted to the growth of the organization and have been the fundamental pillar of its expansion and leadership in the market.

MITTA today has a fleet in Chile that exceeds 28 thousand vehicles, in all the country's economic sectors: mining, telecommunications, energy, agriculture, construction, aquaculture, forestry industry, food, state agencies, etc.

The company aims to provide the best service through innovative, custom-made solutions. To do so, its infrastructure is made up of branches and self-owned service centers, which all together total 80 different locations from Arica to Tierra del Fuego.

It has a deep concern for developing a continuous improvement in safety performance, which is reflected in the annual training plan and work methodology of its leaders. It also maintains certifications as relevant as ISO 45001, a standard focused on the control of the Management System, for Safety and Health at Work.
ISO 9001 AND ISO 14001 AND OHSAS 18001 + UKAS-CMYK

At the same time, and in line with its sustainability strategy, it has current quality and environmental certifications, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, to which is added that of CarbonNeutral® Company.
In the same sense and as a sign of its commitment to mitigate the effects of the operation, it is developing projects for the production of sustainable photovoltaic energy, battery recycling and circular economy projects with companies in the field. In addition, and in accordance with the Extended Producer Responsibility Law, it individually manages the recycling of disused tires. All actions that are based on the 4 MITTA environmental pillars:


MITTA is also involved with and supports the communities where it operates and has established links with city councils to develop projects together.

Essential to MITTA is its relationship with suppliers, partners and vehicle manufacturers. That’s why it’s always working on establishing different channels of communication to support its interaction with these, as well as establishing alliances together.

Today, MITTA is concentrating its efforts on offering its range of services in Chile, but the long-term aim is to provide solutions throughout the whole region for the new, twenty-first century mobility needs of both people and companies.




To develop our leadership and brands, capturing the opportunities for profitable growth that our environment offers. To provide our clients with excellent service from a world-class team and comprehensive mobility solutions, available when and where they’re needed, using certified, safe and efficient processes and respecting the environment.


Company Name: Autorentas del Pacífico SpA.
Ruth: 83.547.100-4
Legal Representative: Mr. Ignacio Correa Fernández
Ruth: 9.668.435-5
Commercial Address: Av. Américo Vespucio 1601, Quilicura.


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