Operational Leasing

Automotive Operating Leasing

At Mitta, we take business mobility to a higher level with our automotive operational leasing services in Chile. Designed to meet the needs of companies seeking flexibility and efficiency, our leasing programs offer tailored financial solutions and a fleet of high-quality vehicles.

We understand business demands and are proud to offer automotive leasing solutions that not only meet your needs, but also exceed your expectations.

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Mitta Operating Leasing Commitment

We’ve been a  Rent-a-Car  y Automotive Operating Leasing with presence in the main economic sectors, today with MITTA - we continue to offer you our  COMMITMENT, delivering the best SOLUTIONS, allowing your fleet to  RUN SMOOTHLY  and ensuring that your vehicles are always operational through our technology, which allows you to access the information relevant to your business.

Solution and Continuity Automotive Operating Leasing in Chile

MITTA Automotive Operational Leasing provides the best alternative on the market for a flexible and customized vehicle lease for a term greater than 12 months.

This service is aimed at businesses involved in any sector that need vehicles to operate throughout the country.

Our Automotive Operational Leasing Service includes

Scheduled and corrective maintenance.
Coverage against own damages and civil responsibility
Replacement vehicles in the case of accidents or repairs.
Tire changes.
Full documentation for each vehicle.
An online platform for fleet reports.
Optional equipment, such as GPS and corporative branding.
A wide range of branches throughout Chile and service centers in the main mines.

Advantages Automotive Operating Leasing

Management Management

  • A simple way to calculate expenses.
  • Efficient administration.
  • Easy technology renewal.
  • Avoids using company human resources.

Financial Intelligence

  • Improves borrowing capacity.
  • Prevents diverting resources.
  • Low monthly instalments.
  • Can be classified as an operational expense.

Operational Promptness

  • Country-wide service.
  • High availability of operative fleet.
  • Scheduled maintenance.
  • Insurance administration and documentation.

Present country-wide,  from Arica to Punta Arenas


Branches in:

Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, Calama, Copiapó, La Serena, Los Andes, Rancagua, Talca, Concepción, Temuco, Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Montt, Castro, Coyhaique, Punta Arenas and Santiago.


Onsite service centers at the following mines:

  • Iquique: Collahuasi and Quebrada Blanca.
  • Antofagasta: Lomas Bayas, Antucoya, Peñon and Zaldivar.
  • Calama: Centinela.
  • Codelco Calama: Radomiro Tomic, Chuquicamata and Gabriela Mistral.
  • Copiapó: El Salvador, Carola, Punta del Cobre, Cenizas and Caserones.
  • Los Andes: Codelco Andina, Cenizas and Enap Concon.
  • Rancagua: Codelco Teniente
  • Concepción: Enap Bío Bío.
  • Punta Arenas: Laredo, Cerro Sombrero and Posesión.
  • Santiago: ezentis.

Quote the flexible operating leasing plans of MITTA

Become a vehicle owner with our new flexible plans that include the Operational Leasing purchase option.

Find out more about the plan that’s best for you.
For example, we offer our own service centers, account executives, onsite service centers at mines, special rent-a-car rates and LATAM Pass mile accumulation.

Optional Services for your plan:

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance.
  • Permit to drive into Argentina.
  • Account executive.
  • Additional equipment and accessories.
  • Passenger cover.
  • Installation of corporate branding.
  • Well-located service centers.
  • Vehicle maintenance delivery and return.
  • Vehicle delivery country-wide.
  • Mobile service centers.
  • GPS telemetry (speed, geographical limits, mileage and more).

MITTA’s Online Services

One of our main aims is to provide a comprehensive service that allows our clients to control their fleets more easily. That’s why we offer a complete technological platform, which includes real-time GPS information about the location of your vehicles and also lets you access full reports of the maintenance and service carried out on them.

Our online services include:

Client Portal

Virtual branch for accident and fleet reports and fleet availability.

GPS Fleet Control

Monitoring, alerts, grounded fleet, mileage and much more.

Book Maintenance

Save time by booking your fleet’s scheduled maintenance services.

Accident Reports

Report accidents wherever you are, for your peace of mind and that of your company.

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