Whistleblower Channel

At MITTA, we take pride in providing you with a safe and secure space where you can report any wrongdoing, inappropriate behavior or suspicious act that you may witness or experience. We believe in the importance of transparency and ethics, your voice matters and together we can build a safe and trustworthy environment.
Complete our web form with all the necessary details and rest assured that your complaints will be treated confidentially and with due diligence.


Thank you for contributing to making our community a better place.

In order to enhance transparency and foster a culture of information, Inversiones MITTA SpA and its subsidiaries Autorentas del Pacífico SpA, Leasing del Pacífico SpA and Comercializadora Don Carlos SpA (hereinafter MITTA) have made available to employees and third parties a channel of complaints accessible through the web and the corporate intranet. Through this channel you can report any irregularity or breach (communication or complaint) of both external and internal regulations in matters that affect the MITTA Group Companies, their professionals or their activities. The user of this channel undertakes to make appropriate use of this tool and, including but not limited to, not to use it to (i) disseminate false information or information obtained through illicit, illegal or contrary to good faith; (ii) cause damage to the physical and logical systems of MITTA, its suppliers or third parties, introduce or spread computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are likely to cause the aforementioned damage.
  • The preferred channel for filing a complaint is the complaints channel you are accessing, which is integrated into the protocol established in the crime prevention model for which the person in charge is the MITTA Crime Prevention Officer. Complete the form data.
  • If you provide an email, if it is not an anonymous complaint, this will be the communication channel that will be used to confirm receipt of the complaint and/or any other communication that may be necessary. There is also a field where you can indicate another preferred way to be contacted, if necessary.
  • All communications will be handled diligently, with confidentiality, privacy and security.

In any case, and especially if the complaints are anonymous, it is very important that they include:

  • Clear and detailed statement of the facts.
  • Identification of the Company or Business Unit and location in which they took place.
  • Identification of the persons involved with the denounced behavior or with knowledge of it.
  • Time at which the event occurred or has been occurring.
  •  Quantification, whenever possible, of the impact of the denounced fact.
  • Provide, if we consider it necessary, documents, files or other information that we deem relevant for the evaluation and resolution of the complaints.
Complaints filed through this channel will be treated with absolute confidentiality and respecting anonymity where appropriate. They are received by the Ethics Committee and the MITTA Crime Prevention Officer. Depending on the irregularity, the professionals or the company involved, the management of the complaint will be coordinated with the person in charge of compliance and, if necessary, with the internal or external expert areas. To promote a culture of information, your collaboration is essential by reporting any irregularity or non-compliance that you become aware of. Whether this channel is useful and works depends on everyone.
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