Vehicle Operating Leasing

Vehicle Operational Leasing: Car rental to manage your project

The operational leasing of vehicles can be a safe and efficient alternative for companies where the transport of goods is central to their business. Leasing allows you to protect your investment, planning monthly expenses and reducing financial risks for the company, especially for smaller ones. What is operational vehicle leasing? This format is designed for companies to access the rental of a vehicle or fleet by paying monthly installments for a certain period. At MITTA we provide

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Renting: Your car 0 KM with a flexible plan

In recent years, the use of vehicles for the movement of people has undergone notable transformations, which has promoted the diversification of options to access a vehicle in a flexible way without having to buy it. One of these options is renting. What does renting consist of? Renting is a subscription for a 0 KM vehicle by subscribing to a contract that sets a minimum term and fixed monthly installments. The payment of fees not only covers the use of the

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Rent a car: The most efficient way to get around

Moving around the city or to other regions, reducing the impacts of car consumption, while taking care of your budget, is possible. How? Through rent a car, a vehicle rental service that is increasingly in demand due to the many advantages it offers. We invite you to learn a little more about one of the most efficient alternatives for the development of mobility that reduces impacts. What does rent a car consist of? As the name implies,


Everything you need to know before renting a vehicle

When we do not have a car and transport in this type of vehicle is essential, there will always be the option of renting one. But renting a car is not so easy, since various factors must be considered, such as the time of use, the model and brand, the number of occupants, etc. If you are renting a car for the first time, or if you have already done so on occasion when going on vacation, business trip or for a special need, but you still have


Rent a Car: discover the advantages of leasing a vehicle

The Rent a Car modality has been quite popular for some decades now, positioning itself in the national market for the rental of personal property as one of the main options. In simple words, Rent a Car is a rental system for one or more specific vehicles that the client needs for a specific item or simply for daily use. If today it represents an excellent alternative, it is mainly because it involves much less expenses and disbursements than buying a car. In particular, the service


What is renting? 

When considering the possibility of purchasing a vehicle, not everyone is inclined to buy one, either new or second hand. For a long time there have been other options on the market that, based on the particular needs of each user and the intended use of the car, may be more suitable and even less expensive. Leasing is an increasingly used option among users. Next, we will see in more detail the characteristics and advantages of this

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Operational leasing: a solution for transport management in companies

Operating leasing is a type of long-term leasing contract designed exclusively to enhance the economic well-being of a company, in the same way that a company can make its costs profitable by making strategic use of the resources it has. In other words, with operational leasing, the investment that was planned for the purchase of an asset can be concentrated on other projects that provide greater profitability to the business and that are more urgent or a priority. one of the properties