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The only Rent a Car that accumulates LATAM Pass Miles 


We present exclusive discounts to earn miles with Latam Pass, giving you an exciting way to make every car trip even more rewarding. With our Latam Pass discounts, your car trip will not only be comfortable and convenient, but also an opportunity to add miles and live unforgettable experiences. Book today and start earning miles with Mitta and Latam Pass!

30% discount on daily rentals and Accumulate Miles, exclusive benefit for LATAM Pass members.


  • Accumulation rate: 1 LATAM Pass Mile for every 1 dollar spent on vehicle rental, based on the rate plus basic CDW coverage (Collision Coverage).
  • It does not include other additional charges such as TAG, fuel, airport surcharge, accessories such as baby chair, snow chains, bluetooth, GPS, etc. The monthly contracts accumulate up to 3 months of lease. The miles associated with this promotion will be credited to the member's account no more than 30 business days after hiring the vehicle.

  • The use of the LATAM Pass Miles delivered in this promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of the LATAM Pass program.

  • The accumulated Miles will not be considered in the classifications to the different LATAM Pass member categories or, failing that, to change from one category to another. Benefit valid only for natural persons (RUT less than 50.000.000). For everything not regulated here, the terms and conditions of the LATAM Pass program apply. Exclusive benefit for rentals within Chile. Valid from the March 1 of 2015.

  • To make the discount effective you must present your boarding pass at the time of the lease.


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