Roadside Assistance

    • In case of mechanical faults or accidents, MITTA has a 24 hour Roadside Assistance service available by calling 22 941 89 50.
    • You can also contact our branches (during office hours) to coordinate this service. Their telephone numbers appear in your rental contract or here.
    • Please don’t forget that this service is only free in case of mechanical faults. The cost of Roadside Assistance services for other reason (charging flat batteries, accidents, opening locked doors, changing tires, etc.) must be met by the client.
    • Clients often call Roadside Assistance because of a flat battery after leaving the lights on when the vehicle is parked. Please remember to turn the lights off every time you leave the vehicle to avoid both delays to your journey and unnecessary charges.
    • MITTA is responsible for replacing damaged vehicles and this service should be coordinated with the office where the rental contract was opened. The transfer of replacement vehicles to specific addresses or to where the client is located incurs an extra cost.
    • As required by law, please remember to always use your security vest when you get out of a stopped vehicle for whatever reason, whether it’s because you’ve been involved in an accident or because the vehicle has a mechanical fault.
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