Rent and Fly


Go from Auto mode to Airplane mode with MITTA!

We congratulate all the winners of the Arrienda y Vuela contest who participated renting between July and August

Now if you can already prepare your bags because MITTA rewards you!

  • Meet the winners of the second and last draw Rent and Fly with MITTA
  • Manuel Gallardo / Rut 6.751.XXX-X
  • Omar Pizarro / ID 8.944.XXX-X
  • Eduardo Orellana / Rut 11.484.XXX-X
  • Patricio Rozas / Rut 7.772.XXX-X
  • Nelson Sánchez / Rut 9.188.XXX-X
  • Carla Yáñez / Rut 18.399.XXX-X
  • Cristian Galaz / Ruth 13.010.XXX-X
  • Guido Fuentes / ID 13.108.XXX-X
  • Sonia Sepúlveda / Rut 9.170.XXX-X
  • Oscar Lagos / Rut 9.749.XXX-X
  • Raúl Galdámes / Rut 8.011.XXX-X
  • Patricio Mora / Rut 13.116.XXX-X
  • Juan Bahamonde / Rut 7.170.XXX-X
  • Jean Paul Saintard / ID 10.532.XXX-X
  • Juan Milla / ID 16.597.XXX-X
  • Christian Torres / ID 10.491.XXX-X
  • José Gómez / Rut 8.486.XXX-X

With MITTA rent a car, choose your destination, we will take you

  • Winners first draw Rent and Fly with MITTA
    • Eduardo Bastidas / Rut 8.487.XXX-X
    • Miguel Padilla / ID 6.526.XXX-X
  • Carlos Vial / Rut 13.657.XXX-X
  • Antonio Acuña / Rut 12.240.XXX-X
  • Heriberto Hermosilla / Rut 11.115.XXX-X
  • Juan Gatica 8.502..XXX-X
  • Marcial Valenzuela / Rut 14.049.XXX-X
  • Christian Prieto / ID 8.093.XXX-X
  • Jerman Korn /Ruth 18.341.XXX-X
  • Christian Segovia / Rut 19.413.XXX-X
  • Sebastián Malverde / Rut 19.652.XXX-X
  • Cesar Lecaros / Rut 18.802.XXX-X
  • Tamara González / Rut 18.077..XXX-X
  • Jean Soto / Rut 16.121.XXX-X
  • Ariel Mendez / Rut 19.779.XXX-X
  • Juan Millas / ID 16.597.XXX-X
  • Vanessa Duarte / 18.731.XXX-X
  • Alex Vasquez / Rut 14.143.XXX-X

Rent and Fly with MITTA

Switch from Auto Mode to Airplane Mode

Get ready to take off with us in this incredible opportunity we have for you… 🚗 ✈️ 

All your effective leases in MITTA between July and August 2023 participate for prizes of 200.000, 100.000 and 50.000 LATAM Pass miles. Are 3 million miles to spread.
We are the only car rental that makes you earn miles on all your rentals

Pass Auto mode a Airplane mode. Rent, drive and fly this season with MITTA rent a car and participate from July to August with your effective reservations for 3 million miles to distribute

Remember that each rental you make at MITTA earns you LATAM Pass Miles. Also, if you are a LATAM Pass member, you get a 30% discount in your daily rentals booking in

See legal bases of the contest


You want to know more...?

All those natural persons, over 22 years of age (the minimum age to rent), of Chilean nationality and foreigners residing in Chile, who lease vehicle(s) within the national territory in MITTA during the validity period of the Promotion may participate in the Promotion. Promotion.

For each rental of a vehicle in MITTA within the national territory, a participation coupon will be automatically generated in the "RENT AND FLY WITH MITTA" promotion. At the time of issuance of the rental contract, the client may activate said coupon, by checking the option:

YES, I want to participate in the "RENT AND FLY WITH MITTA" promotion.

All activated coupons remain valid and participate until the end of the contest.

The “Lease, Drive and Fly” promotion will raffle monthly prizes of 200.000, 100.000 and 50.000 miles. In total there will be 3.000.000 miles to be distributed between July 01 and August 31, 2023.

Promotion valid for effective leases between July 01 and August 31, 2023 made through or through our call center 22360 86 00

Does not apply for leases prior to July 01, monthly contract renewals (prior to that date), Operational Leasing and Renting businesses.

Today you can be renting and tomorrow traveling!

Legal terms

The administration of the LATAM Pass program is the sole responsibility of LATAM AIRLINES GROUP SA. The accumulation, redemption, use and other conditions applicable to LATAM Pass miles are governed by the LATAM Pass regulations published in

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